Beechmont Association COMMITTEES

Beechmont Association COMMITTEES

Below I have listed the committees that existed, were reactivated or were formed at our last meeting along with the chair and members.  If you wish to add your name and help the Association achieve its goals, please let me know as soon as possible. Some committees such as the Welcoming Committee and Beautification Committee do need help.

Historic Status

Members: Bob Kelly, Bill Stump, Marvin Wexler, Ann Mee

Historic Area Signs

Bill Stump, Chair.
Member: Victor Stanionis

Beechmont Oval Committee

Bob Kelly, Chair.
Member: Rick Rock

Japanese Bridge

Fred Wiener, Chair.
Member: Henry Menzie

Traffic Calming

Rick Rock, Chair

Beechmont Celebration

Lori Weckselblatt, Chair.
Member: Ellen Sonntag Miller

Welcoming Committee

Susan Rock, Chair

Review of Bylaws

Victor Stanionis, Chair.
Members: Connie Caglioti, Henry Sternberg, Barbara
Liebenson, Bill Miller

Beauification Committee

Victor Stanionis, Chair

Website Committee

Glen Mules, Web Master

Beechmont Lake Committee

Fred Wiener, Chair.
Members: Joan Rothman, David Ziegler